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Visions Personnel Services Inc. has been established since 1999 and currently service companies in a variety of industries. Our corporate team consists of highly motivated professionals, which provide the most respected labor services in the industry. Our team of professionals follow a rigorous systematic approach to identify, review, and placement of qualified individuals based on client specifications. We closely work with our clients and our employees to ensure that everyone knows their safety responsibilities.

Our Customer Value Proposition consists of:

  1. 24 hour Emergency Contact
  2. Provide Flexibility during Fluctuations in Production Schedules
  3. Protect against Revenue and Production Loss
  4. Increase Employee Utilization Rate
  5. Quick Response to filling last minute orders (1-2 hour turnaround time)
  6. Capability of staffing Diverse Range of Positions
  7. WSIB, HR Duties, interviewing and screening are all procedures that we take pleasure in executing proper placement

Visions Personnel Services Inc., truly cares about who we send out to assignments, as well as the client we are assigning them to.  We never send an employee out before we know everything there is to know about the company, environment and the specific requirements.  All employees are interview (behavioral based), screened, tested and referenced.  The most important factor that we look for in an employee is ……PROPER ATTITUDE!

Visions Personnel Services Inc., was established with the sole purpose to provide the most qualified and reliable personnel to companies such as yours.  We understand that the needs of customers change from day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year.  At Visions Personnel Services Inc., we not only “say what we do, but do what we say”.  We are always prepared to meet the everyday needs of all customers.