Fool Proof Tips For Standing Out At Job Fairs

//Fool Proof Tips For Standing Out At Job Fairs

For many people, a job fair is where you make your first impression to employers and recruiters. Not only are you face-to-face with those you are trying to impress, you are also in a crowd of other potential competitors. It’s clear that the importance of standing out at a job fair is infinite, so what is your plan of action? With these fool proof tips, you can ensure that recruiters and employers have the opportunity to see you in your best light.

Don’t Go In Blind

While job fairs are a prime opportunity to expose yourself to a variety of different employers and companies, it is imperative that you do some homework first. Dig around and see what companies will be present, and take note of any that you might be interested in. Make sure to visit their websites and get a good, solid understanding of who they are, what are they looking for, and what they stand for. A recruiter can quickly discern if a candidate is knowledgable about the company or not, and if you give off that impression, many will decide that you are not suitable for their company. Asking questions is a great way to show your interest and enthusiasm, but if your first one is “what does your company do?”, you will seem ill prepared and aloof.

Dress For The Job Your Want

You will hear this advice when going for an interview, but the same applies to job fairs. Think of the job fair as your first real interview, because it essentially is; you are meeting prospective employers for the first time and you need to show you are committed to impressing them. Furthermore, looking good makes us feel good, and that extra boost in your confidence could be what sets you apart from a room of your equally as qualified peers.

Bring Important Information, and Take Some Home With You

Make sure to bring multiple copies of your resume, portfolio, or any other documentation that may be expected in your respective field. As always, make sure your resume is up-to-date and relevant to your career objectives. Furthermore, it is important to remember that job fairs are a two way street; you are there to find positions that align with your wants and needs. Make sure to prepare potential questions you have for the companies you have researched. Not only will this help your job search immensely, it will also show employers that you are inquisitive. They are also much more likely to remember a candidate who really made them think about their questions, over a candidate who simply listened and had little to say back.

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