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Visions Personnel Services Inc. is a company which not only says what it does, but does what it says. Our clients have to come to know that we screen, interview and conduct reference checks on all of our employees. The following is a list of tests and screening procedures conducted by Visions Personnel Services Inc. staffing associates:

  • Completion of an in-house written Application
  • Environment Fit Evaluation
  • English Comprehension Testing
  • General Aptitude Evaluation
  • Reference Checks
  • Material Handling Evaluations by 3rd party
  • Drivers Abstract
  • Review of skills, abilities and experience
  • WHMIS Evaluation
  • Math Comprehension Testing
  • Personal Interview
  • Clerical Skills Analysis
  • Forklift Evaluations by third party


Visions Personnel Services Inc. strives for employee excellence and continuous improvement. As such, we have developed an employee incentive award program. When an employee exceeds our clients and Visions Personnel Services Inc. expectations they are rewarded. Incentives include but are not limited to: merit increases, prizes, gifts, gift certificates and employee appreciation plaques. The employee incentive program is administered by Visions Personnel Services Inc. and is based on performance, attitude, attendance, punctuality, quality and safety. Employees are our life line and without them we would not be in business. We feel that by offering these incentives as well as good working conditions we have a higher retention rate than most other staffing firms.


We are proud to be an equal employment opportunity company as well as being 100% Canadian owned and operated. We will not and do not discriminate against any candidate or employee. Direct action is taken in order to ensure both employees and candidates are employed without regard to race, colour, religion, national origin, marital status, age, physical disabilities, or any other reasons which are discriminatory.